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There are 25 rules on tsro that will result in IP banishment, the periods of ban varies depending on what kind of rule is violated and how severe it is. I've already witnessed GM actively saying that so and so player is banned from so and so server due to rules violation for a period of time. To avoid getting banned, here are the rules to tsro:

1. You are not allowed to speak any language other than English in game. Also you are not allowed to harass, curse, threaten or be racist against anyone. This includes character names. Characters with names that are not allowed will be deleted.

2. You are not allowed to pretend to be a GM or any workers of the Silkroad company, violation of this rule is a permanent ban.

3. No botting, no edits, no usage of any 3rd party programs at all. We are trying to keep silkroad fair for everyone. Any violation to this will be permanent IP ban.

4. It is not your duty to enforce the rules of Silkroad, the in game GMs will do that job. However, if you notice any violations of these rules, you must contact the GM. When contacting GMs, you are not allowed to harass or threaten GMs for any cause.

5. Do not share your account info with anyone else, we are not responsible for hacking of accounts if you share your info.

6. We know Silkroad is not a perfect game, there are quite a lot of bugs. However, if you see a bug, do not abuse it, instead, you should report the bug immediately and we will fix it as soon as possible.

7. Do not interfere with the GM's working if you see GMs on your server, they are there to maintain the game play. If you violate this rule, there will be severe punishment.

8. Virtual items and characters are all properties of silkroad company. Exchanging in game items, characters or helping of level of any kind for real world money is not allowed what so ever.

9. Do not openly (for example, using globals) insult, harass, or threaten any in game members, this is a violation of the People's Republic of China's number 309 Law of public harassment. If you hate some one, please use PMs to solve the problem.

10. Do not use PMs to lie, or plan to harass others with friends. We're trying to build a friendly community that's suitable for everyone.

11. Do not attempt to destroy the fame of our company or attempt to break our website. Any attempts to do so will result in us suing you.

12. If you did not get permission to do so, do not use Silkroad for money making in real life as a real job.

13. GMs will never ask for your ID or password and other account infomation. If you give your info to a GM, it's not our responsibility that you get hacked.

14. GMs are not allowed to interfere with in game personal and community problems. If there was such problems, you may not ask the GMs for help.

15. You may not use silkroad as a medium to lie and scam money from people in real life. If you were scammed such a way, we are 100% behind you to support and find the scammer and bring him to justice.

16. If we catch you using fake information to make accounts on tsro, you will be banned and you will not be able to make any new accounts on tsro. If you were to share the info you signed up with with anyone, then we will stop and deactivate your account immediately.

17. If you violate the intelligence of others (meaning scaming other people's IRL info), tSro will help them obtain the info you signed up with and bring you to justice.

18. If not previously agreed or allowed, you are not allowed to make emulators or emulations of tsro of any kind.

19. You are not allowed to abuse bugs in game for duplicating or making money, gears/items, or power leveling. If you were caught doing so, your character may be rolled back, deleted, and worst cases your account will be frozen.

20. You are not allowed to use any software macro, or hardware macros of any kind including keyboard modifications to play silkroad. It is true that it's almost impossible to catch such an act, but we strongly suggest you not to do it to provide a safe and fair environment for everyone.

21. You are not allowed to use skill developed skills to harass anyone in game publicly (like killing afk people with aoe mobs). Our company is allowed to punish you however we wish if such rules are violated.

22. tSro is made for people of Taiwan only. If you live elsewhere, you are not allowed on tsro and you should play the version that suits your area.

23. All virtual items, characters and etc. within Silkroad belong to our company. We are allowed to do any kind of server inspection, or at some cases server deletion. If you violate rules or act not to our liking, we have full rights to permanently banish your IP from silkroad rendering you unable to ever play. During server rollbacks, if items were lost that's from the item mall, we will restore the time lost on it. We keep all your IP and log info, so if find suspicious activities, we are able to catch you immediately by looking back.

24. Because we cannot guarantee our servers to be perfect, we apologize for any inconvenience from it including lags or dc. We however, are not responsible for your loss when such events occur.

25. All the rules above are made by us and we reserve the right to modify and change them anytime we wish. It is the player's responsibility to always check to see the changes to avoid violating them.