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Registring and downloading the game.

To registed go to Ares Online

choose create account and add ur user name u want and the password and ur e-mail

after u finish register log in with ur acc in the same site and choose e-mail verifacation

What is e-mail verification?

For users seeking more intensified security, Ares Online is providing e-mail verification service.

With e-mail verification service, users will be able to modify their personal information only through E-mail verification.
For intensified personal information security.

after u verify ur e-mail , u can log in at

Ares Online

and download the game from the download section.

some users having problem with downloading the game as many of them lose his internet connection in the middle of the download and they start over again , so u can do this , go to

Internet Download Manager: the fastest download accelerator

and download the program and set it up , then go to silkroad online download section and choose to download the game from

free anti virus software download at download.com

then when u choose to download the game , the pprogram will launch automaticly and just choose where u wanna save it and press start download .

after u finish downloading u ready to go.

double click on the file that u downloaded and it will as u to wait a while then the set up for the game will appear.

u can browse and choose where u wanna to install ur game by pressing the search button , after u set it up the game will be updated to the curent version .

known issues.

1- the game going on maintenance will not be able to play the game in that time.

2- connection problem , check if ur internet working fine , if yes go to the main site of the game Ares Online and wait tell the page load then open ur game and it will work fine. if not join the discord server and ask a GM